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Information – Permitted Organized Events inside Country Parks

The followings are the permitted organized events inside country parks. If you are planning to visit country parks, please take note of the following events to be held, which might be helpful in your planning of visiting the country parks and to avoid any inconvenience caused by these events:


Duration: 13/12/2017 - 26/12/2017
Country Parks
Activity Type Date Major Activity Area
Shing Mun, Plover Cove, Pat Sin Leng, Tai Mo Shan, Lam Tsuen Trail Running 16/12/2017
(08:00 - 23:59)
(00:00 - 11:00)
Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail, Wilson Trail Section 7-9, Bride's Pool Nature Trail, Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail, Wu Kau Tang Country Trail, Lai Chi Wo Nature Trail, Fung Hang Country Trail, Nam Chung Country Trail, Hok Tau Reservoir Family Walk, MacLehose Trail Section 8, Lung Mun Country Trail
Aberdeen, Lantau South, Lantau North, Pok Fu Lam, Lung Fu Shan Multisports 16/12/2017
(08:00 - 23:59)
(00:00 - 20:00)
Lugard Road,Victoia Peak Garden, Pok Fu Lam Reservoir Road, Hong Kong Trail Section 2, Peel Rise, Aberdeen Reservoir Road, Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road, Islands Nature Heritage Trail - Tai O Section, Lantau Trail Section 1,3,5,6,11&12, Ngong Ping Road, South Lantau Road, Wong Lung Hang Road, Wong Lung Hang Country Trail, Harlech Road, Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail, Mui Wo Ferry Pier
Tai Lam Orienteering 16/12/2017
(08:30 - 14:00)
MacLehose Trail Section 9, Kap Lung Forest Trail, Twisk Nature Trail, Ngau Liu Orienteering Trim Course
Shing Mun Trail Running 17/12/2017
(07:00 - 13:00)
Wilson Trail Section 6, Maclehose Trail Section 7, Reservoir Walk
Tai Tam Walkathon 17/12/2017
(07:00 - 14:00)
Tai Tam Reservoir Road, Tsin Shui Wan Au
Tai Lam Trail Running 17/12/2017
(07:00 - 16:00)
Tai Lam Chung Reservoir Main Dam, Tai Lam Nature Trail, Pat Heung Catchwater
Aberdeen Trail Running 17/12/2017
(08:30 - 15:00)
Hong Kong Trail Section 3-4, Peel Rise, Aberdeen Reservoir Road, Lady Clementi's Ride, Aberdeen Nature Trail, Aberdeen Fitness Trail
Plover Cove Trail Running 19/12/2017
(08:30 - 13:00)
Plover Cove Reservoir Main Dam
Tai Lam Public Meeting and Orienteering 19/12/2017
(09:00 - 19:00)
Tai Tong Barbecue Area Site No.7
Shing Mun Trail running 20/12/2017
(09:00 - 14:00)
Reservoir Walk, Wilson Trail Section 7
Plover Cove, Pat Sin Leng Trail running 23/12/2017
(08:00 - 21:00)
Wilson Trail Section 8 & 9, Lau Shui Heung Country Trail, Lau Shui Heung Road, Hok Tau Road, Luk Keng Road, Fung Hang Country Trail, Wu Kau Tang Family Walk, Bride's Pool Nature Trail, Bride's Pool Road, Pat Sin Leng Nature Trail, Hok Tau Reservoir Family Walk
Tai Tam, Tai Tam (Quarry Bay Extension) Trail running 24/12/2017
(08:00 - 16:00)
Tai Tam Barbecue Area Site No.2, HK Trail Section 5, Wilson Trail Section 1 & 2, Wong Nai Chung Tree Walk, Quarry Bay Jogging Trail, Hong Pak Country Trail
Kam Shan Public Meeting 24/12/2017
(10:00 - 17:00)
Shek Lei Pui Reservoir Barbecue Area Site No.2
Plover Cove Trail running 26/12/2017
(07:30 - 12:30)
Plover Cove Reservoir Main Dam, Plover Cove Reservoir Country Trail
Aberdeen Trail running 26/12/2017
(10:00 - 11:00)
Wan Chai Gap, Middle Gap Road, Hong Kong Trail Section 4, Black's Link
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Last Review Date : 13 December 2017