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* Form of Application for Plant Import Licence
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注意事項 Note
1. 請儘量以英文填寫此表格。
It is much appreciated if this form could be completed in English.

2. 如有關填寫此申請表的問題,請致電(852) 2150 7000與漁農自然護理署植物及除害劑監理科聯絡。
For any enquiries on filling in this form, please contact Plant & Pesticides Regulatory Division of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department at (852) 2150 7000.

3. 進口瀕危植物必須附有進/出口地區有關部門簽發的瀕危物種文件。請致電(852) 2150 6974或傳真(852) 2376 3749向本署瀕危物種保護科查詢詳情。
Import of any scheduled endangered plants shall be covered by CITES documents issued by a competent authority of the exporting /and importing places. Please contact the Endangered Species Protection Division of this Department at Tel. (852) 2150 6974 or Fax (852) 2376 3749 for details.

4. 申請及簽發植物進口證均不需繳費。
The application and issuance of Plant Import Licence are free of charge.

5. 如提交的申請妥當,本署通常可在接到申請書後兩個工作天發出植物進口證。
If application is found in order, a Plant Import Licence will normally be issued by this Department after 2 working days from receipt of the application.

6. 申請人可選擇在其提供的電郵地址領取電子版本之植物進口證。
Applicant may opt to receive electronic copy of the Plant Import Licence at the email address provided by the applicant.

7. 如選擇親身到本署領取植物進口證,請聯絡本署職員(電話: 2150 7000)查詢領取時間。
If you opt to collect the Plant Import Licence at our office, please contact our office at 2150 7000 for the time of collection.

* 為必須填寫 Fields with * are mandatory

1. 申請人詳情 Details of Applicant
* 申請人姓名
* Name of Applicant:
Name of Company:
* 地址
* Address: 
* 電郵
* Email Address: 
* 電話號碼
* Telephone No.:

2. 入口植物詳情 Details of Plants for Importation
項目 Item 1. 增加 Add More  
* 植物學名
* Scientific Name
例子e.g. : Avena sativa or Avena spp.
Common Name:
* 數量
* Quantity:
* 單位
* Unit

(註: 本電子申請方法最多可接受50項植物的申請。如有關申請包含多於50項植物,請致電(852) 21507000聯絡本署或電郵植物資料到plantlic@afcd.gov.hk。
Note: The maximum number of entries allowed in this e-application is 50. If you have more than 50 entries, please contact our office at (852) 2150 7000 or send the plant information by email to plantlic@afcd.gov.hk.)

* 入口植物是否附有種植材料?
* Are plants imported with growing medium?
是 Yes 否 No

* 來源地
* Origin:
Purpose of Importation: 
Means of Conveyance: 
* 預計抵港日期
* Expected Date of Arrival: 
* 領取進口證方法
* Method of Licence Collection:
Over the Counter No.2 of this office.
郵寄 (須另郵遞附有地址及郵票之回郵信封至本署)
By mail (Please separately mail to this department a self-addressed envelope with stamp)
Through email.

個人資料收集聲明 Personal Information Collection Statement
  1. 你所提供的資料將用作申請本署的植物進口證、授權書或植物檢疫證明書的有關事宜。
    The information provided by you will be used for purposes relating to the application for plant import licence, authorization or phytosanitary certificate in this Department.
  2. 本署可能會將你的資料或部份資料提供給任何代理商、承包商或其他政府部門作統計或調查之用途。
    The said information or any part thereof may be supplied by this Department to any agent, contractor or other government departments for statistics or investigation purpose.
  3. 除個人資料(私隱)條例所訂明的豁免外,你有權查閱和改正你的個人資料。
    Subject to exemptions under the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, you have a right of access and correction with respect to personal data.
  4. 查閱和改正個人資料的要求應以書面形式向漁農自然護理署署長提出,地址為香港九龍長沙灣道三零三號長沙灣政府合署五樓,同時請註明你在本署的檔案號碼。
    Request for personal data access and correction should be addressed to Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation at 5/F., Cheung Sha Wan Government Offices, 303 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Please also quote your reference number in this Department.

* 本人已閱讀上述個人資料收集聲明 * I have read the above Personal Information Collection Statement.

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